Farm Offerings


All of our meat comes from our healthy, naturally raised animals


Our cows are 100 % grassfed and Certified Organic.

Our delicious beef is produced by the same herd that produces our milk for our cheese.  The herd is made up of gorgeous certified organic Normande, Jersey and Normande-Jersey crosses.  The cows happily graze on fresh grass daily on the pastures covering chase hill in season or on healthy organic bales during the winter.



Our chickens are whey-fed, pastured and fed Organic no-soy grain. 

Our broilers come to us when they are a day or two old and we lovingly raise them until they are a mature age.  We rotate them on fresh pasture as well as feed them organic no-soy grain, soaked in whey.  The flavor and tenderness of their meat is delectable.



Our pigs are whey-fed and pastured on certified organic land. They are also fed organic no-soy grain. 

Our scrumptious pork comes from our beautiful, contented pigs.  Our pigs make their homes in the wooded areas on chase hill.  They have powerful snouts that lead them to unearth lots of yummy treats in the forest floor.  They also can’t get enough of the whey, a by-product of our cheese-making.  We soak their grain in the whey as well, making the nutrients in the grain more accessible to the animals, and allowing us to decrease their grain ration.  

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