Creamery Offerings


100% grassfed and Certified Organic

Raw Cow's Milk

We strive to provide our customers with the cleanest, freshest milk possible. Our raw cow’s milk can be purchase in half gallon glass bottles at our farm store. Raw, unpasteurized, cream-on-top milk has a myriad of health benefits not present in its pasteurized counterpart. Click (here) to learn more about the benefits of raw milk. 

Our herd is made up of our gorgeous ccertified organic Normande, Jersey, and Normande-Jersey crosses.  The cows happily graze the pastures covering Chase Hill and are given fresh grass daily.   


Our collection of rich and satisfying artisan cheeses made from our own raw 100% grassfed certified organic milk are to be savored.  

We make the cheese on our farm in small batches.  It ages on the farm, in our own cheese cave for a minimum of 60 days depending on the variety. 

Please feel free to come by and try some!



Tomme de Normande

Tomme de Normande is our take on an Alpine Tomme, named after our Normande cows. It is a semi-soft natural rind cheese that is buttery and earthy. Aged around 100 days.

Quabbin Blue

Blue cheese comes in many varieties, but each one is marked by the distinct blue “veins” which throughout the cheese. Our brand of “Quabbin” blue cheese is tangy and sharp, and is often best served with crackers and sweet fruits like pears or raisins. Availability is limited.



Our Herdsman is an Alpine-style semi-hard cheese aged at around 1 year. It is nutty with a bit of a bite. Made during the peak summer months you can taste the pasture grasses in this delightfully complex cheese.



Our Farmstead is a colby style.  It is mild and creamy.  Farmstead is a great cheese for melting.  


Garlic Farmstead

Garlic Farmstead is a colby style.  It is mild and creamy cheese, with garlic.  Like our Farmstead, our Garlic Farmstead is a great cheese for melting.


La Familia

La Familia is a Hispanico style cheese.  It is queso curado.  Our La Familia is a fruity and tangy cheese.    



Our Cheddar is a classic cheddar.  It is sharp and creamy.  



Our Feta is made from out raw cows milk and is a greek style Feta.  It is salty and piquant. 


Italian Grace

Italian Grace is our parmesan style cheese.  It is great for grading.  



Duet is a creamy cheese spread of mixed goat and cow milk.  It is made with our cows milk and goat milk from Little White Goat Dairy in Orange, Ma.  

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