Nestled in miles of State Forest land our farm covers roughly 300 acres of beautiful Massachusetts hillside with both pasture and forest.

From the stoop of our farm store a breathtaking view of Mt. Monadnock fills the horizon over our pastures.

We graze and make hay off of over 100 of these acres.

Our pastures are home to our cows and chickens, as well as beloved monarch butterflies and songbirds such as the bobolink.

Trees fill the other acres offering invaluable presence, purifying water and air, sequestering carbon, and sheltering endless plant and animal wildlife.

We are grateful we get to call this place of beauty and peace our home.

We are honored to engage in a labor as old as the earth itself – that of tending a garden and caring for those who live therein.  

It is our joy and our passion to share the fruits of our labor with others.


We like to say that when we got our first family cow, we fell in love.

From the moment we set foot upon a wonderful organic CSA farm in this Valley we knew we wanted to have our own farm.

We knew we wanted to care for creatures who would provide sustenance for ourselves and others.

We started with a handful of beef cows and a few sheep.

We raised broilers.

We worked alongside others in their pork and egg enterprises.

We thoroughly enjoyed all of these endeavors.

But when we brought our first family cow home, our hearts sang.

We knew we wanted to have a diversified livestock farm with a dairy as its centerpiece.

And here we are years later.

It has been quite a journey.



We now have around 25 family cows.

They are stunning magnificent creatures and we love them dearly.

Our cows are mostly Normandes, though we do have a few Jerseys and some Normande-Jersey crosses.

Our cows eat grass.

A lot of grass.

Only grass.

Only grass during the 180 days of the growing season (May-October) and only hay the rest of the year (November-April).

No grain ever.

We love that as ruminants our cows eat grass and turn sunlight into milk and meat.


Our pigs are born on the farm and raised generously on their mother’s milk and then whey, the power packed bi-product of our cheesemaking.

Once they are weaned, our pigs live in paddocks in scrubby brushy parts of our forested space where they can root around to their hearts’ delight.

They also forage on plants there including invasives that cover the forest floor.

We are in awe of their capacity to clear land.

Our pigs have a real mix of heritage cross genetics.

We feed our pigs premium quality certified organic no-soy grain mixed with our whey.

Chickens (Hens and Broilers)

All our chickens rotationally graze through our pastures.

We have a moveable coop and an awesome Great Pyrenees livestock guard dog, Ali, who keeps our birds safe.

We feed our chickens premium quality certified organic no-soy grain along with our whey.

We absolutely love how the chickens boost fertility in our pastures.

The vibrant green burst can literally be seen in the fields where the chickens have been. 

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